Sometimes a person just needs to go back to bed, or…

Morning all, I have an oil lantern going, simply because I love the soft light. Okay, also because the softer light doesn’t wake up my beloved husband. Young Master Duke has been out, and gotten morning report from the neighborhood yippy dog, and I’m waiting for the powers of coffee to decide whether I’m going to be good or evil again this morning.

It hasn’t gone so well so far. Woke up, hit the necessary, let Young Master Duke out, did a quick weather check and sniffed the air. If I was a male, it would be an all in one sort of thing, but alas, I wasn’t given a fire hose.

Then came time to deal with the coffee. My beloved Shuggie Lump makes the coffee before bed, and has it ready. All I need to do is pop it in the microwave for a few seconds. I’ve had problems with this before, not being awake enough to have things make it out of the microwave without a burn and some cussing.

This time, it made it out of the microwave, had the necessary additions, and I ended up mopping the floor.  One of my happy cups is now in the trash, and I am unhappy about it.

Second verse, same as the first. I have coffee now, I am at my desk, and as a human being, I’m a little ashamed. The section of floor I mopped, made a clean spot in my kitchen. Later, when it is lighter out, I need to attack the rest with some hot water and pinesol. Damn it.

Oh well, I better be a responsible adult, and get it done. Hugs all, do what’s in front of you to do today. I will bug you again soon. -L


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