Home made clothes

Wearing clothes I made all by myself.

Morning all, Young Master Duke is very busy being the most adorable dog on the planet, and I am okay.

It’s a good day. And other than a brief interlude yesterday, I have worn clothing I made exclusively for weeks now. This helps. Knowing that the clothes came into the house as bolts of fabric, and that I decided exactly how they would turn out is so fulfilling.

Knowing that if needed, I could take them apart and adjust the fit, is also pretty damned cool.

So, plans are being planned. I prefer maxi dresses with long sleeves, and I have one to finish. However, I really need a few chemises. Yet, I don’t have the fabric for them. That’s on the plan for June, purchasing a bolt of muslin so I can have underclothes.

That’s about it for today. Nothing witty, I’m pretty drained. Hugs my friends. Take care, may your life be blessed. -L


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