Smarter than the app, and medical

Being smarter than the app.

Morning all, when this post goes live, I’ll be having a non-pain day. I am undergoing a normal proceedure, but anesthesia is involved. I recommend everyone after a certain age get regular cancer screenings, especially in America.

That said, I’ve finally outsmarted the wordpress app on my tablet. I downloaded a notes app made by google. I write everything in that, and copy/paste the blog posts over.

Snort, I got this. What this does is I don’t have to bring the laptop with me everywhere I go, I can take notes on the fly. I can also work outside when I am camping in the yard.

Meanwhile, all is well for the most part. The routine of getting through the day is interrupted, well, for the past 4 days, to be honest, but that’s life.

Hope you are well. I better get back to focusing on the next right thing. -L


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