The ether

Normally I reach into the ether, grab a strand, and the words come. Sometimes, I have to weave the sound and the light together, and do the working. Today, just today, I couldn’t.

I was blocked in a way I couldn’t fathom. I reached out, I grabbed a strand or two, and began to spin. The light came, the sound was there, then came the taste, and the smells. Everything was in place, but the words, they were blocked.

The chains on the words were too tight to bust through today. When this happens, it’s other words that come in, and they want to show up on the screen. They want their story told. Some days, I can set those words aside, and prime the pump on the ether, to get the right words to come out.

Today though, the memories of the past clogged the pipe. The anger, the hurt, the shame all emotions flooded through. I guess I’ve set aside so much, that in this case, the words couldn’t come.

I distracted, like a good little DBT zombie. I did the things, I wise minded the shit out of this, but the pipes were still flooded. Finally, I had to let the emotions and the hate just come through. I’d rather be drunk than deal with this. And a blog is nowhere to put that.

For crying in a beer, I will get through the block. I will get past the emotions, and I will write again soon.

Hope you are well, take care, flush. -L


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