Uh huh, yep. I’m here.

Morning all. I’m on the first cigarette of the day, and podcasts are keeping my brain in check so far. The first cuppa sits to my left, and I have successfully avoided murder twice thus far this morning.

My Husband is awake, and breathing exceptionally well. He is healthy, and reasonably comfortable. I have not harmed a hair on his physiognomy. I have got to quit listening to18th Century and 19th Century audiobooks. Put it this way, he lives yet.

My part of the story? I was there, I was pre-coffee, and he was breathing. Enough said, I’m slightly bitchy this morning.

I slept inside last night. I sweated through everything, and have already done my morning ablutions to deal with it. I do not like to sleep in a tent in the rain.

Meanwhile, yesterday I got in touch with several friends. They are well enough. One had spent the weekend at a recovery retreat. Another spent the weekend prepping for a move. Yet another spent the last week watching their grand babies a thousand miles from home.

I spent the weekend pre-writing posts for the blog, and being outside as much as possible. I’m working hard to not compare myself to others.

Hugs my friends. I hope you are well. -L


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