Handicap adventures in camping

Morning all! Woot woot woot! I’m outside! Young Master Duke is resting at my feet, his tie out is hooked up just outside the tent this morning, and I’m so happy!

I am not “completely set up” however, I have my camping chair, my little cot, and my dog. There’s a little grill with charcoal to cook with, and I am free again. That damned house was becoming a dungeon again. I don’t care that I don’t have my memory foam mattress, I don’t care that I don’t have running water. I’m free. I can listen to the birds, watch the creek, and just enjoy the morning.

Yes, setting up from the wheelchair was interesting, but you know what, I got it done. I have more to set up over the next couple of days, and I need to run a drop cord to power the gear, but heck it’s all good.

I will post pics of the set up soon. Take care, find your you! -L


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