I went and did it, and I’m tickled.

Quite awhile ago, I went and bought a personal under the weather tent. I was tempted to get the wheelchair version, but I got the full body version instead. Welp, here’s what I did yesterday. I did go and run my errand, and I got myself a large cuppa delicious as well. However, instead of heading to the lake…

I set up the little under the weather tent. My Husband hates this thing, and I just don’t care. I can sit outside, and not get drowned in the rain. So, that’s what I did. I put my favorite folding chair in there, and set up with my stitchery. I got to listen to my podcasts without a headset for the first time since my Husband was hospitalized. I got to sit alone, all by myself, with nothing but the rain to keep me company.

It was blissful. The biggest crisis? I have a bladder the size of a walnut. However, it was all good. I’m going to head out there again today. Screw it, I am so sick of wearing headphones 24/7.

Take care my friends, find your joy. -L