Morning, Mother’s Day edition

Morning all. Back again is the Holiday I won’t celebrate. I prefer to just rest on this day. My bio Mom gave birth to me, and gave up custody of me when I was pre-k. Then my paternal unit married the spawn of Satan. Enough said.

I woke just after 5 this morning, after falling asleep a few times in the necessary, I looked at the clock and said “Screw it.” I decided to hit the coffee and just move on with the day. I read a few articles, and worked on trying to fire a few brain cells. According to my watch, I had just shy of 5 hours of sleep. Whoops.

Today’s plan, survive the day, and work on the afghan I am restoring. There’s a blog post coming that details this afghan. I need to get some photos done on it for the post, so I can do it justice.

This being one of the few ‘live’ posts I do, feels a bit weird. It’s just 10 after 6 my time, and I have a deadline of 6:30… I’m racing the clock.

Yesterday was a pain day from hell, but I did get a shower in. I also moved some things around on my desk, so I could have a fan blowing on me at all times. It is finally time to do this, and I am much happier. The Hubsy thinks I must have a filter on the fan, and I’d like to stick his filter down his throat. For fucks sake, I just want cooler air when the weather outside is turning warmer.

This is the same man who heats the garage all winter. Can I just flog him? At least this year, he hasn’t chosen to have a window open all winter. I swear to goodness, his synapsis are not firing on all cylinders.

I went and did a THING. When I was evicted from the farm by the sperm donor (This was because I decided to hire some folks to help clean up the hoarder’s paradise.) I lost some books. I finally am replacing them. Granted, I’m getting used versions of those books, but they are on the way. Here are the books and authors that are on the way for a visit.

Susan Gordon Lydon:

Susan Gordon Lydon was an author, a knitter, addict, and one hell of a woman. She wrote the books I bought.

The knitting Sutra- Craft as a Spiritual Practice.

Knitting Heaven and Earth: Healing the Heart with Craft

Take the Long Way Home Memoirs of a Survivor

I often buy books written by folks in recovery who cross over to other interests I have. I first ran into her work years ago, but lost those books when I was evicted from the farm.

The other Author whose books are on the way:

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

At knit’s end, meditations for women who knit too much. (I am ordering a 2nd copy, my first is unavailable.

Yarn Harlot, the secret life of a knitter. (Original copy is destroyed.)

Knitting Rules. (This is a 3rd copy. I have one on my desk, I want a copy for my yarn bag. Um I also have a copy on my kindle, I’m a little obsessed.)

Stephanie Pearl McPhee Casts off. ( I also have an audible copy.)

Free Range knitter (Original destroyed.)

An Amazing thing about the way it goes. (Original destroyed.)

She also has a blog I stalk

Another author who resonates with my soul was Annie Modesitt. While she wasn’t in recovery, her work made sense. Her style of knitting, combination knitting, was the type I started with as a teenager. She wrote with compassion and caring for her readers.

The books I have devoured… and actually own.

Confessions of a knitting heretic (I have on kindle because I’m not buying a 35 dollar book.)

Cheaper than therapy, Joy, healing & life lessons in fiber I have a paperback

knit with courage live with hope. I also have on paperback.

I hope you find these books on your journey. Hugs my friends. Please take care of yourselves gently today. On this unholiday, I hope you have the best of days. -L


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