Yawn, stretch, morning

Morning all, We have been outside to sing the song of our people, and it looks to be another rainy day here. I’m thinking that the swampland is coming back. At least Duke thinks so, and since the backyard is his bathroom… I’m so sorry little dude.

All is basically well here, last night I spent the evening in front of the laptop. I enjoyed just zoning out for a few and relaxing with another game or 20 of FreeCell. For a quiet evening, I had two cups of tea, and rambled through the shopping sites, looking at whether or not I could afford to buy another expensive tea set or a tin of tea. For those who are wondering, I can’t. It’s fun to window shop though.

The planning stage is on though for the Husband’s Father’s day gift. He deserves something to make his life easier. It takes time to come up with ideas for these gifts. For example, for Christmas, I got him an electric throw, he’s always cold. For his Birthday, an electric cigarette machine. For Father’s day? I’m stumped.

So, I will watch, and see what he needs. Will come up with something.

Meanwhile, I am certainly enjoying the morning. I need to sneak out a bit, and run a couple of errands. I’ve run out of a couple of things, and I need to restock. Then again, as you all know, I’m a little bit mad, and I’m thinking of getting my stitching bag, and heading to the lake for an hour or two.

That’s something I can do within my budget, by the way. I can grab my stitchery, and head to the lake and relax. It’s free of charge, except for the fuel costs. And since the lake is a mile or so away, it’s not wasting money to go. So I’m thinking that that’s the plan. Run out, do my errands, and head out a bit.

Hope all is well with you, please take care of you today. -L