Needs a little work

Morning all, Duke has taken over the bed. My Husband is awake and enjoying his coffee, and I have a lovely faux cappuccino at my side. Back when I wore scrubs for a living, I would call this coffee a hot cup of candy, and not coffee. Oh well. Coffee doesn’t have to be just plain for me to enjoy it. I’m old now, and I’m cool with how I enjoy my life.

I have a load of clothes in the washer, and need to focus on the day ahead. I want to get some sewing finished, but I did make a discovery. Years ago, I bought a scrapbooking tote on wheels. It’s the perfect size for my electric sewing machine. In theory, I could bring my sewing out to the patio. If only it would stop freaking raining. I know, accept the things I cannot change. I know. I know.

I’m just at the point where I finally have some things set up in life, and drat, I want to set out on the patio and relax. I’m almost tempted to hit the Husband up for the funds for a patio tent with rain proofing and mosquito proofing for me to sit and play in. Another tent. I know. I know I know ….

Acceptance, of what I have. Is so important. Looking at life as it is, and not wanting more than I have… And then there is the other fear… What would the neighbors think? Then there is the part of me that says, Seize the day. Live with gusto. Live for the eternal now. There has to be a balance somewhere doesn’t there?

So, what’s the happy medium between wants and needs? What’s the proper balance? Where is the balance between focusing on accepting reality as it is and working for the future?

I don’t have the answers. We will see.

I know that this isn’t my usual checkin, it’s just whats rolling through my brain at the moment.

Take care please, will talk to you again tomorrow. -L


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