Morning all, Coffee is on. Hope you are well. I’ve been up a couple of hours, and I need some more sleep yet. But…

I’ve been sitting here thinking. About my dream office craft room. Actually, it would be a Mother in laws house in the back. You know, a little shack with a kitchenette, a wash room, and an office. A little sitting room for knitting with a sewing station on the one wall. I sit here, and realize that I just described my dream home, without the bedroom.

Basically, my dream home is my current home with a separate bedroom. Though if I could, I’d move the office area to the dining room. However, that’s my husband’s room.

What got me wishing along these lines, was I was just wishing that I had a coffee bar in my office. I know, I know. The other day I burned myself stupid with some coffee. That doesn’t mean that I’m off of coffee, it just means that I’m wishing for an easier way to get out and around the house. Sighs. However, I’m not the only one living here.

He has the right to how he wants the house to be too.

Meanwhile, I better go get a cuppa. Hugs, have a better day. -L


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