Take five

Morning all, I’ve been struggling to get this post written for almost an hour now. I’d re-downloaded the WordPress app to my tablet. And there is one hell of a lag between typing and the words showing up on the screen. Now, I’m not typing at a dramatic rate. I’m a simple person, I’m not that fast. However, when half a cigarette goes by… There is a damned problem.

I think that the app was calling home to Mama, and the lag was it cycling back and forth between WordPress the company, and the app. This just sucks big time.

It’s a pain day, by the way. It’s actually 2 AM as I write this. I’m in too much pain to sleep and the ibuprofen is a joke this morning. It’s just not working.

So, here we are. I am feeling grouchy, and I’m not getting over it. I’ve been sitting at the desk trying to work, and I just can’t right now. Oh, by the way… I’m using the same keyboard on my laptop that I was using on the tablet. I just paired the Bluetooth to the laptop. So, it isn’t the keyboard lag time. Like I said, I don’t type that fast.

Okay, now that the whining is done. It’s a pain day for my Husband as well. He’s awake too. I have the lights dimmed, and I am listening to a history special on my headset. This keyboard was chosen because the keys don’t clack. He’s just in constant pain. He has degenerative disc disease amongst other goodies. So, because there is rain in the forecast, we are both sheet out of luck.

Oh this pain versus weather thingy… means that I can’t in reality move anywhere that the climate produces quite a bit of rain per year. I’d be screwed. Sighs.

Very well then. In other news, I did a couple of naughty purchases. First things first. Yes, I bought 2 months worth of diabetic testing supplies. I haven’t done that in years and years. I also ordered the record books to keep track of weird things like meals, blood sugars, liquid intake and even my weight. They should be here by Monday or Tuesday.

I also purchased a Wahl hair clippers. I finished the hair cut I started last week. I’m quite bald now, and I’m enjoying the fresh start. I just couldn’t keep up with my hair anymore, and to be honest, it felt good. I can’t with ease, raise my arms above my head. I still do the exercises, but damn it freaking hurts to do that. Repeated brushing of hair, or other grooming, just fucking hurts like the fires of hell are crawling up and down my upper arms.

Yet the medical professionals in all their wisdum can find nothing wrong. I’d love to tell them where to shove it, but since my body is a Pinto, and I’m not talking about the horse… nothing can be done. If I was a rich woman, with money to throw at it, they would probably look. To be honest, since I am a Medicare patient, their give a damn is busted.

Other mischief and mayhem I have been doing… I finished the lilac dress. It has flowy sleeves. I’m tickled by the results. I cut another, and am waiting for the pain to ease up to start the stitching. I want to set up the sewing machine outside with my stitching basket, but it needs to wait until the rains move on. I’ve noticed that our spring is about a month behind in the spring, and a month ahead in the fall for crummy weather. It is what it is.

I’m sorry that I’m not as cheerful as I would love to be. This fibro flare has been a raging beech. I’m hoping that soon enough it passes. Huge hugs my friends. Take care. -L


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