Welp, that was a bit… warm

Morning all, I have a load of clothing in the washer, and for some reason, I smell like old fashioned caramel. Let me explain.

My usual tactic for survival involves coffee in the morning. When my beloved makes the coffee, he shuts the coffee maker off in order to not scorch the coffee on a hot plate. This is always a good thing. So, I let Young Master Duke outside, to sing the song of his people, and hit the necessary. I’m glad I did that before I dealt with the coffee this morning.

Before letting Duke back in, I went and put the coffee in the microwave to warm up. I did my stretches, and grabbed my mug, and then let Duke in. We proceeded to head to the office, and were very quiet, as my beloved Husband was sleeping. Normal operating procedure is to switch headsets at this point, and recharge the headset I’ve worn all night.

I went to grab the headset, and it slipped out of my grasp. It bounced on the table, and knocked my almost boiling coffee into my lap. I did not scream. I wanted to. When a person wears all cotton dresses that are floor length, the first thing to do is grab that dress and yank it away from the skin. I did this immediately. The dress was piping hot. Getting out of the chair and to the bathroom without re-burning my skin was interesting, but the good thing is that by the time I got to the bathroom, it had cooled enough to pull over my head.

Thankfully, I had a clean dress in the bathroom, and after a quick cool rinse and pat dry, I put it on. I grabbed some cloth diapers and put two of them under my Dunlop, as hot coffee made it’s way under there as well. The affected area right now feels like a nasty sunburn.

A couple more cloth diapers made their way to the desk, and I cleaned up the spill area with them. Then I sat and calmed down for a few.

The good news, all the commotion didn’t wake up my Husband. The good news, I got the burn treated safely in time. I am keeping an eye on the affected area watching for skin degradation. More good news, the mess is cleaned up. The bad news, I had to make another cuppa, and had wasted the first cup. Like I said, it was quite warm, and it feels like a sunburn rather than anything more serious. I’m just a little rattled.

Oh, and the headset? I still haven’t switched it out. I’ll get it done in a bit.

Please be careful my friends. Hugs, -L


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