More swear words

Morning, I’m still a bit hot over the no camping away from home thingamie. However, I’m looking at the bright side on this. I have to, or there will be many more swear words invented.

So, back to back yard planning. This makes some things simpler. I can set up a semi-permanent camp site. This was already in the plans, because most of my camping was to be done in the back yard anyways. I can set up better for when I honestly get to an away from home campground. I can and will take longer to do my planning, and I can also scrounge a bit more.

What I can’t do is increase the outside temperatures to make overnight camping at my skill levels safer. I do plan on working every day to make it better. I do plan on getting things moved the best I can, and spending more time every day in the yard.

Mother Nature just likes pooping in my cheetos, with the weather. Chuckle. At least I can respect that.

Hope you are well, will check in with photos as I get my gear set up.



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