Houston, we may have a problem

I love mathematics, it’s a good foundation for logic and science. It’s involved in every aspect of my life. From how many stitches per inch to how many yards of fabric are needed to complete a project, math is involved.

There is another aspect to mathematics that involves my life directly. It’s the amount of insulin required to keep me alive. I take 50 units of insulin every day. Some days I take an additional 10 units of insulin. My insurance doesn’t cover the cost of my insulin. So, I get the cheapest insulin available.

I just took my insulin this morning. I looked at the number of pens I have left, and then at the refill date. I also looked inside my head at the amount I want to spend in the next 3 months on camping. Crap. I can’t afford both a camping trip and insulin.

Camping fees have been calculated down to the dime. The cost of groceries, fuel, and any additional expenses have been minutely examined. I know to the penny how much money I will need to make that camping trip work.

The irony? Excluding the camping trip doesn’t completely cover the costs of being a diabetic. I was going to spread out the cost of the camping trip over two months. I have to do that with my medications as it is. So, with deep regret. I’m canceling all away from home camping trips this year.


I’m going to go sit in the backyard, put up a tent and sit for awhile. I have swear words to invent. Then again, since the weather isn’t cooperating, I’m going to sit in the garage, with the door open… and invent swear words.

Hugs, -L


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