Diabetes update

Morning all. I’ve snap crackle, and popped this morning, and coffee has made its joyful way down my gullet. The sad part, my ration of coffee for the morning is done. Give me a moment while I grieve.


Okay, the whining is done for now. Back to being a diabetic. I use a common microsoft template for tracking my blood sugars. I guess I’m using the powers of nerd for good rather than evil today. I just sent the report to my CNP, and we will see what happens.

I’m not that good at spreadsheets, but at least in this case, I can get the work I need done. I also have it backed up into the cloud, just in case the dratted laptop dies a horrible death on me.

I have noticed that when I switch over to a new insulin pen, my body rejects it a bit at first. A friend suggested that for the last few doses of the old pen, I take about half of the old, and half new. This would help me adjust over. Crap, that makes sense.

But otherwise, my sugars are firmly in the 100-200 range.

Hugs, hope you are well. -L


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