Miles and miles of it

Morning all, thought I’d just take a short break and check in. Okay, my hands are starting to hurt, and I need to stop for a cuppa tea.

Yesterday, I broke out the Brother LX 3817. Yes, I have treadle sewing machines, yes I have other options. This one has zig-zag stitch, and can reverse stitch. Sighs. I’ve been working on the dress, and I want to turn it from a work in progress into something I can throw on and head for coffee in.

I know, someone who never leaves the house heading for coffee? Well, my coffee maker is technically in the kitchen. My office is in the living room. Bite me, hard. I want a new dress dammit. If I have to go and buy a cup of coffee, to satisfy the blog, I won’t. So there.

Mini tantrum done, I quick stitched the seams shut. However, that doesn’t leave the dress finished. Oh no, I’m one of those psychotic little buggers that has to have it done this time. I want it to be finished, and not just miles and miles of strings tickling me on the inside. I’m hand finishing the seams.

There are actual methods of machine finishing garments. Most fast fashion is designed this way. I don’t want another machine in the house. I don’t want a serger. I have enough. Mini tantrum, again, I know. I’m folding over the raw edges, and stitching them down. I don’t want them fraying, and I just want to be done.

So, I’m working on one of the pockets right now. I have the upper side of one of the seams done. I have quite a few feet left of work to do. Then when all of this is done, I want to decide how I’m going to work the bottom hem.

I have quite awhile before I have to worry about a bottom hem. Did I mention I have gussets in this thing? It’s a floor length Aline dress. Currently, and perpetually, its sleeveless. The pattern? I used one of my favorite tank tops, and extended it to floor length. I know, I have patterns, I’m just weird.

Hugs my friends. Have a cuppa coffee for me. I better get back to work. Oh look, the kettle is boiling. Awesome. -L


It’s done did! Squee! I’m so happy!

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