Where Sheep May Safely Graze

Morning all, I am currently unsupervised again, and what could go wrong?

I have music blasting and ear bleed levels, and a lit cigarette in my hand. My ration of male units are snoring. There’s a reason I’m wearing noise canceling headphones. Males, can’t live with them.

Breakfast this morning was good ol’ cream of wheat. Usually, it’s a couple of eggs baked in the toaster oven and a baked tater or two. I wanted to change it up today.

Eggs, in a toaster? Yep. I have a toaster oven that has seen better days. I keep a 8 inch cake pan in there that I spray down. I crack a couple eggs and set the sucker to toast. By the time my baked taters are done, so are my eggs.

Then I smother the eggs in everything bagel seasoning, the spuds get butter and hot sauce or ranch and hot sauce. By the time my belly is full, and happy, my coffee and I are ready to take over the world again.

Today’s challenge is to get some projects done. I also have the recliner to inhabit, and there are books to read. There are tiktok videos to watch, and stitches to stitch.

Though I might just lay down for a nap for a few. Classical music, is its own reward.

Hugs, my friends. Have a lovely day. –L


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