A plan, and a little execution

Morning all, yesterday was quite eventful, and I got to work as soon as I reasonably could. I’ve learned that storage units are reasonably priced where I live. I’ve also learned how much I can cut from my personal budget.

However, I also learned how much storage I have underneath my bed. My goal is to make enough room in my area of the living room for my recliner. I still have work to do, but I will get there.

With quite a bit of help, the mattress was removed from my bed, and the frame was lifted. All of the boxes of things I would have put into storage were placed under the frame after it was swept out.

Then, 2 treadle sewing machines were removed from their bases. I’m going to purchase table top bases for them, and convert them to hand crank machines. I know, spending more money, right?

It’s just more crap you know. After the mattress was put back in place, and my bed was sprayed down with febreeze and made, I redid my bedside table. I topped it off with a wicker unit that holds a couple of books, yet also allows room for a lamp and a small fan.

Then the crap my husband foisted on me went to the garage. One was a box of things he wanted me to give to a friend. Another was a small heater.

The fun part was, he just stared down at his table during this project. There is still some small room under the bed, and I have another box of books that needs to go down there. It will be done today, as well as that particular shelf repurposed elsewhere.

I do love my husband, I really do. However, when he goes off the deep end, it isn’t pretty. There’s nothing I can do to fix him, but I can do something about my side of the living room.

That said, I want to get more work done before my body gives out again. Huge hugs. –L


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