Pain day survival techniques

Morning, thought I would share with you some of what I do to survive pain days.

I have my life set so that almost everything I need is in 1/4 of our living room. If you count my bed in the mix, I have half of the living room.

My desk has everything I need to survive most of the day. I have dual sets of chargers. One set at my desk, and another at the bedside table. I keep either a 2 quart pitcher of water on the desk at all times, and water bottles at the bedside. At my desk, I have several of those water enhancer bottles that I can add to a glass of water. I also keep my coffee fixings in one of the drawers.

Now, for pain management. My medications are all at the desk, on my laptop, I keep track of my blood sugars, as well as pain levels. Since I test multiple times per day, I just track the pain, and the meds taken on the same excel spread sheet.

My beloved desk, which is my favorite thing, has my stitchery tools in one set of drawers, and coffee fixings in the other, with extra diabetic tools in one of the left hand set. I have 3 stackable sets of drawers with various needfuls there. When I am in a live stream, or in a meeting, I’m within a short roll back and grab for almost everything.

On pain days, when even the roll back is hell this is paramount. Everything has to be within short reach.

4 short steps from my desk chair is my bed. My bed with the charging cables, helps me to deal with most of the pain. Most of the time, I just lay there, waiting. I have a tablet which is my tv and my library. I wear noise canceling headphones, where I can either listen to a show, a podcast, or ocean waves.

When the migraines hit, even ocean waves are too much. So I power off the headphones. Now for dire emergency, noise will kill me levels, I have shooting range ear muffs. They shut almost all of it out, and I can have a few minutes of quiet.

I have a 8 inch memory foam mattress. This thing is a gift from God. I sleep with a very puffy pillow in my arms, and I have two such pillows. Since I turn like a whirling top in bed, I always have one at my front and one behind me. When I need to flip, I release the one, turn, and grab the other one. I’m laying between two pillows. I have a couple of those ergonomic pillows, but with the headphones, I have to use a fluffy pillow as well.

Now for another perhaps controversial thing. I sleep in a sleeping bag. As much as I flip and flop around, a sleeping bag is a must. I can’t feel my feet anymore, but I also can’t get my legs warm. So, a guaranteed way to stay warm, is a sleeping bag, which in my case is two. I grabbed two cheap ones, and zipped them together. This allows me to have the pillows tucked in with me, and allows me to flip at will without fighting blankets.

Now for the extra helps. I have heating pads, and ice packs. At night, when I know my legs are horribly cold, and I can’t get them warm. I crank up the heating pad, and slap it between the sleeping bags, or underneath them. When I need ice packs, for my knees, neck or back, I whack them in there.

The thing about pain days, is that I have set up in prep for them in advance. I’ve got life planned for them.

Now what happens when I have a pain day, but have to drive to town, or run errands? What happens if there is an appointment or some such? I take one additional ibuprofen per dose. I also take as many breaks as I can. For example, next month, I have a Dr’s appointment. It’s 60 miles away.

The night before, I will take my shower/bath. Of course, I will be doing prep during this, but I won’t be sleeping the night before. I will have a water bottle with me, so I can take my pain meds. I will also have a bag with me with some distraction things I always use, such as my headphones, tablet and such.

The big crisis in all of this? Most folks don’t get why I live the way I do. Many folks have the ‘walk it off’ mentality. Or, more fun, the ‘try yoga’ mentality. If yoga worked, big pharma would be out of business, now wouldn’t it?

That said, I hope you have a lovely day. Huge hugs again. -L


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