My kindle library

At current count, I have over 3000 books in my kindle library. I get emails with books that go free, and enjoy adding beloved new friends to my collection. It’s always a good thing, to acquire new friends, and new worlds to explore. I can travel to deep space in one book, and visit a small American town in another. In yet another, I’m in the Alaskan wilderness.

Yet, I’ve done some research. Once I die, those books are lost, so to speak. There is no legal way to leave them to my kids or grandkids.

While this disturbs me, I get it. If one of my kids wants to read something from my library, I have to add them in my Amazon account etc… My kids are adults, but I’m not quite sure about them finding my smut collection.

It’s something to ponder my friends. Kindle is one of the most popular ereader services. Yet, the books we own, in reality, are only owned by us. We can’t bequeath them to someone. I’m beginning to wonder how much Amazon and Disney have carved out of my belongings, and are planning to divvy up between them when I kick the bucket.

Sighs. Hugs my friends. Take care, -L


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