I cut my own hair.

Morning all, it’s time for a confession. Yesterday, I went to roll over in bed, and my hair got caught. It’s been beyond shoulder length for quite awhile, and I loved it when it was freshly washed.

However, I just couldn’t take care of it anymore. My right arm doesn’t do as well as it used to, and so it was time. I grabbed an office scissors, took the pony tail holder out, and cut. It was gratifying. I cut all of it off. I kept cutting until now, I need a clippers to continue.

After washing what was left, I cut stragglers, and it’s gone.

Originally, I wanted hair down to my waist. I just couldn’t anymore. I feel better, I actually lost weight doing it, and I feel much freer. I even slept better last night.

I haven’t let anyone else touch my hair in almost, if not over a decade. My niece Angie is still the only other person I allow to touch my head. I like her, she is awesome, and yet she lives an ungodly distance away. So, I butcher my hair every few years.

Actually, I really don’t like people touching me, for any reason.

Meanwhile, working on getting a few posts worked on today. I realize that I need to get steps 5 onwards done for the AA step study, but it’s behind other important things first.

On the diabetes front, I’m working on it. I’m a human pincushion again, and I am okay with that.

Hugs, -L


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