Meal Planning for a 3-5 day camping trip

Morning all, sorry about the pity party this week. I’m still sorting things out on that front.

I’ve got the camping plans set up for location, equipment, and costs. Now I need to plan for meals and snacks for the week. I intend to leave on a Wednesday, and return on a Sunday. If we do this, it will be one of the later weekends in June.

I’m going to be making hand pies for most lunch meals. I will have them pre made, and frozen. Hand pies? Think a calzone, or a cornish pasty, or similar meal baked in a dutch oven. One hand pie for lunch, and one for a dessert for supper would be delicious.

Breakfasts… I will have eggs, homemade biscuit mix or english muffins, potatoes, and a grater with me. I also plan to have some pre-shredded cheese.

Suppers.. now here is the rub. I can make a vegetarian or pescatarian style meal for breakfast and lunch easy. Supper though, I hope to have protein. It also takes much longer to cook than a few coals around a dutch oven unless I plan accordingly.

I’m thinking of doing baked potatoes of course. As far as meat goes, unless it comes as chicken or tuna… I’m not going to be bringing it. I’m touching on a worry zone with the pre-frozen meals for lunch as it is. So, I’m thinking of making a doctored up canned soup, with leftover diced tater, left over biscuits and things like that.

Snacks.. Being diabetic. If my blood sugar is low, I’m tanked. I don’t want to end up in the ER because I’m stepping outside the boundaries of normal. So… I am planning to buy a couple of boxes of granola bars, and use them to raise my sugars up enough to keep me alive when needed.

Other items I will carry, but probably won’t need.

Because I’m medically screwed over, I would rather have more canned food available than less. I will have ramen, canned snacks (olives) AP flour, Corn starch, a few bags of frozen veg, and extra cans of chicken or fish.

Note: While I have adapted my diet to include pork, I don’t get it very often. Beef is completely off menu, since it really makes me sick.

Pantry items I will be bringing.

Baking paper, aluminum foil, oil, salt, pepper, spices, drink mixes, possibly even some jello as a diabetic rescue. (I buy regular jello, mix it in a mug with hot water, and drink it. Sometimes it is the only way to get sugar in me without losing my stomach contents for the last 50 years.)

I will probably also pack raisins, but not other snack items.

Now for the insulin storage. I’m going to doctor up a cheap cooler with spray foam insulation. We will see how it works when we get closer to. I want to do testing on the efficiency of this before I leave.

Uh oh, young master Duke has decided it’s time to go out. Will talk to you later. -L


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