Still angry

My blood sugar is in the low 100’s this morning. I took it via finger stick. I sit here and stare at the bill from the pharmacy that supplied the snitch. I did the math. I also went to the store’s website that supplied my finger stick supplies.

For the same amount of money per month, I can order 400 test strips. I’ve never had to test 400 times in a month. And even testing it about often, I will not need that many. Here’s the irony. That pharmacy saw my medicare provider and dollar signs. Today, I’m going to be calling my insurance company, and working with them to make absolutely certain that this sheet is nipped completely in the bud.

By the way, to get through the end of the month, I have 300 test strips on hand. I’m not certain I have enough insulin to get through the end of the month, but I will look into that in a few minutes.

I’m still very angry. Lie to me, again. Please medical provider. Lie to me again. -L


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