I swear, my coffee tried to kill me this morning

Morning all, I’ve finally got some time to type. I um, had a bit of an issue this morning.

I woke at the usual, headed to the little girls room, and got the day started. My Husband started the coffee when he went to be during the night, and I wanted to reheat it. So, before I went to the necessary, I popped it in the microwave. The cup, when I reached for it was well over the boiling point.

One dropped cup of deliciousness, and a valiant effort to not cuss, I sat at my desk for the pain to ease up. Once the lava temp reduced to the point of safe handling, I cleaned up my mess. There isn’t enough coffee in the world to make it to the coffee pot in the morning safely. Sighs. I’d forgotten that one of my favorite cups isn’t microwave safe. The handle heats to the temperature of the solar surface.

I’m thinking next time, just use the damned percolator.

In other news, yesterday way a crap shoot. Pain levels sucked, but for a different reason. I had some medical testing done, and the phlebotomist wasn’t very successful. The first poke was smooth, but she lost the knack. After 3 attempts, and 3 needles, the job was done. I left, after not venting, shrieking, or complaining, and just grabbed breakfast. Then off to pick up the grocery order.

I hauled in the cold items and the most needfuls, and left the rest. Today, I have my video Dr’s appointment, and am hoping to get the rest of the order in the house.

I’m still a bit sore, but the phlebotomist was a sweet child, who perhaps had a rough morning. I know it was harder on her than myself when she lost the vein the first time.

We’re okay, hope you are as well. Hugs my friends. Hugs. -L


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