Waiting for things to get done

Morning all, the fellas are as usual, out cold. I’m watching my favorite shows on youtube, and of course, while the boys are asleep, the rest has to wait.

This whole spring fever compromise thing, it’s getting harder. I’m watching weather reports like a hawk, and the Husband is freaking out about my deciding to camp at home. “What will the neighbors think?” FFS.

I don’t give a drat what the neighbors think. I’m like a squirrel in a cage, let me out! Meanwhile, a compromise. I’ve got to clean out the garage, because his nibs is getting his panties in a twist. I get a giggle out of this. He gets his panties in a twist, asks me to deal with it, and then complains about the work I did. Yet, Himself doesn’t help one lick with the work.

Then again, there’s the whole outside she shed idea I have been having. I’m thinking of adjusting the idea. Put my she shed back in the garage. Once I have her cleaned out, I will have room for my things. He’s pitching a fit, let him. I’m stuck between a wall and a hard place with this. I can’t go camping until I get this done anyways, and I planned to set up the tents anyways this weekend.

I’ve a wee bit of a resentment. It’s my circus, and my monkey, and I can’t give him nuts because he can’t physically eat them. Sighs. However I think it is time to make some noise. Tee Hee Hee.

Hugs, -L


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