Little man

I met Duke one lovely day on the farm. He came into the yard, and we had chickens. He wore a collar, and came up to me when I called him. He was friendly and sweet. Dad and I drove around the farms in the area until we found his home.

He soon came to visit every day, and became one of my good friends. I spent quite a bit of money driving him back home at the end of the day. Until the day came a year later. He refused to get out of the car when I drove him home.

I knocked on the door and the man of the house answered. I mentioned the problem, and he said, “Its not our dog anymore, he’s the neighbor’s dog.” I asked if it was the neighbor acrossed the road, and he said, “Yeah, he’s theirs.” So, I drove over there. They denied Duke as well. Oh boy.

I called Dad and asked what to do. I even offered to take him to the humane society. He didn’t know. I said, “How about we keep him on a probation level?” He’s been my dog ever since. That day was October 16th. My clean date is October 16th. He adopted me, and saved me from myself. I’m eternally grateful for this sweet boy ever since.

Hope you have a good day. -L


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