Plan plans

Morning all! All is well today. The coffee is good, and soon, I’ll be switching to iced coffee for the season. Young Master Duke is being so sweet.

Still working on getting the recliner moved into the living room/dungeon area. I also want to get rid of a few things, and spring cleanup is going to be happening soon enough. Working on spring cleanup and getting the house in shape is the goal for the month.

In other news, I have some blood work to be done this morning, and a wee grocery order to pick up. This order started a fight between the Husband and I. Sighs. I want to go camping. I need to go camping. Please, let me go camping.

The problem? The city hasn’t released the dates for spring cleanup this year, let alone the rules. Sighs. It’s going to be okay isn’t it?

Hugs, hope you have a good one. -L


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