Morning all, my beloved Shuggie is awake for the day, so the sound of the keyboard shouldn’t be as much of a bother. The dungeon is on the East side of the house in another room from him, and there are 3 fans running between him and me. He shouldn’t hear my keyboard.

Had to swap the laptop around a bit. It’s a Samsung tablet/laptop combo, and the keyboard that came with it isn’t worth the cost. A much cheaper keyboard running through bluetooth is much better. I removed the keyboard case, and put the tablet portion up on a stand supported pretty well. It’s now at a height that I can see it without hunching over.

Since I never look at the keyboard when I type, this is a total game changer. Pain levels are lower in my neck and upper back. Holy crap! I’m no longer curled up like a comma to work. I’m tickled pink! Also, I learned this afternoon how to listen to my favorite podcasts over google chrome. I’m so happy! Next challenge, and this is the hard one.

I need to move the recliner into the dungeon. Means that I really need to get everything sorted in here, and put away. I can then set up the laptop and keyboard so I can relax in the recliner and work. Having my legs bunched underneath me increases my pain levels. So, it’s time to get my happy butt to work. Small solutions, over time really do help.

As far as my little April fools joke from the other day. I don’t care what OS my laptop uses. I’m good with windows 10. The big challenge in a few years will be to get another laptop tablet like this one, but I’ll figure it out then.

In the meantime, all is well here. I’m in less pain, and I’m doing well enough. Please enjoy your day. Huge hugs! -L


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