Morning all, Yesterday was payday. I was a bit um naughtier than usual.

My hat was in the mail. Holy Crap. I am in hat love! I haven’t taken it off since except to sleep or to straighten my pony tail. It’s comfortable, and has no freaking plastic. I immediately ordered a 2nd one. It’s that cosy. It will take most of the month to get here, and I’m thinking that once a month, I will order another. I LOVE it that much.

I also placed the Amazon order. This is the big once per month medical supply order. Part of it is items to make wearing the snitch more comfortable. Part of it is things that make handicap life more accessible. This month, it was both. However, I also put 2 1lb bags of my favorite loose leaf teas on the order. They will be here tomorrow. I can’t wait. Not for the medical supplies, but for the tea. I’m thinking that while I don’t need to really be more caffeinated, I do need my serenity in the afternoon moments. Note: THIS is the first half of my being naughty.

Then I ordered lunch, I order takeout only once per month. One of my friends is a delivery driver, and we get 5 minutes for a quick hello. It’s our quick and secret meetup each month. My beloved is very human phobic, and so having friends stop by causes him severe anxiety.

Then I went and paid the bill on the snitch. It’s a once every 3 month bill, but I still wasn’t enthusiastic about it. Sighs. I’m still a little salty about the whole “no support once we ship the thing to you” thing. Grr. They promised all of the support in the world with the snitch, and it’s been radio silence ever since. If the snitch wasn’t quite useful, I’d tell them to shove it where the sun didn’t shine.

Lastly, I was talking on the phone to my buddy who is moving. They mentioned the problems that they were having with selling their riding mower. Too many people were asking them to down the price. many more were being snotty about it. I said, “How much do you want for it?” My buddy didn’t catch on right away, until I said. “I don’t have to ask the Hubs about this, he’s been bugging me to get one. Sold. Will you accept a check from me?” My buddy stuttered a half a second, and my Hubsy freaked. That was the 2nd naughty of the day.

The fact that I freaked out both my friend and my Husband in once sentence, was priceless. Note: I was asked a few months ago to ask my friend if he was selling his riding mower. I was asked to get a riding mower. Yada yada yada. I didn’t want to bother my friend, and had no clue whether or not they were taking their mower with them. So, of course I didn’t bring it up until they did.

Now, I’m tickled pink. My new hat is my favorite accessory. My Husband was flummoxed. My friend was speechless. I did good.

Huge hugs all. Hope your day is a wonderful one. Take care, please. -L

P.S. Still working on the write up on the 4th step. It’s taking awhile for the AA version, because it’s really detailed out of the BB. Will post as soon as I finish it. -L


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