3 years

Morning all, last night I found out that I have only 3 more years of support for my laptop. Sighs. Meaning that since this old wee beastie is a couple of years old, I won’t be able to use her for her intended use after a certain date in 2025.


I know, my processor doesn’t meet requirements for an upgrade. I know, when I purchase devices, I get the nearest latest within my budget to avoid this crap. I know I know.

It means that that year, instead of replacing cell phones or going camping or anything like that… I’ll be replacing a laptop, and learning new software, again.

I’m old, I know. My nerd card has been revoked because my mental processor runs more towards forgetful than anything else. Sighs.

I’m whinging. I know. Please take care of you today. Hugs. –L


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