Welp that sucked

Morning all, yesterday was another snuggle the day away, read a little and sleep for the most of it day. We had a bit of a taste of Elsa’s fury over the last couple of days. When that happens, I get to spend the day in bed. It’s life.

I did accomplish a couple of changes around here. I found a home for some things from the desk area, and got some garbage taken out to the curb. Mostly, though I read books.

The one book had promise. It had a good premise, but threw in a cliff hanger in the last chapter. I loathe it when authors do this. Usually, my reviews on the websites reflect how much I hate this idea, and fantasy/sci-fi is chock full of lazy writers who go above and beyond to do this.

The irony, is that I follow a couple of these people on tiktok. They complain about us just as much as I complain about them. My idea is simple. FINISH THE DRATTED BOOK. Don’t ‘continue the story’ in the next book. This is not ‘good writing’ this is just wrong.

Okay, the rant is over, I’m back to your regularly scheduled post.

Today’s plan is to catch up on the chores I couldn’t do yesterday. Then move on to the next thing on the list. I’m also working on the grocery lists for the month. I am quite adept at robbing peter to pay paul.

Hope you are well. Please be gentle with your heart today. Hugs. -L


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