A paper shredder type of day

Morning all, Elsa is pissy, and I’m too tired to deal with her bullcrap today. My beloved asked me to bring the garbage can in from the curb. Please see the first sentence in this post. No, I did not shove the bin up his bum, but my thoughts around the bin and his tail were not pure.

While I was out there, I grabbed the mail. It was all for me, and it was junk mail. You know the type… “You are pre-approved…” I’m not stupid, those envelopes are from loan sharks. I dug through my craft supplies for about 10 minutes for my funky scissors before I said, “Screw this”. I went to the storage section of the dungeon and grabbed the paper shredder.

I bought this sucker back when I was the secretary for a recovery related non-profit. I kept it, since I bougght it with my own money, and I’d donated enough cash to the crew. After I was done playing secretary, I yeeted it over to storage. I promptly forgot about it, and let the crap mail stack up.

I keep everything that comes in the door for the shredder pile. I figure the dump does not need anything with my name or address on it. On the farm, this wasn’t a crisis, and we burned most of it. However, since this is a never ending supply of crap, and I don’t heat the house with wood… Today, I had a shredding party.

It was CATHARTIC. I started with the loan shark papers. Then went through the last year’s worth of mail. I shredded Cards, letters, you name it. Receipts that my beloved wanted to see exactly once, to all the documents that come with every prescription refill. At one point, I had to pause, and empty the sucker.

To make this easier, I line the shredder bin with a 13 gallon bag. A quick switch, and back to work. By the time I was done, I no longer had fantasies of shoving the garbage wheelie can up my beloved’s backide.

I take my theraputic things seriously. The funny part? The paper shredder is immensely loud. One hour’s worth of shredding, drove him nuts. I wore my bluetooth range headphones and listened to death metal while I played.

I know, I’m passive agressive af. Hugs, find something cathartic to make your day better. -L