A dream

Morning all, want to tell you about something I’ve been dreaming about for the past 10 years. It’s a little weird, but I have invested hundreds of hours researching the situation. That said, I can’t afford it.

Here’s the dream. Get an RV. An older model RV. No slide outs, no frills, just something simple and workable. I don’t need dramatic amounts of room. Just a little home with an over the cab bed area, a couple of seats and a couch area. A small kitchenette, and a little bathroom alcove.

I lived in one like this on the farm, during the summer months. I could open all the windows for cross breezes and just chill out. I could go where I wanted to over time, and not have to deal with a whole house’s worth of happy crap.

What is stopping me? Why didn’t I grab the RV off of the farm? Why didn’t I do this or that? Money. The farm RV cost too much to fix. The van I had was too much to ‘run’ according to my Dad. He shit on my dream often.

So, I”m here, in my small house, making the best of what I have. Yes, I go camping. Yes, I hit the outdoors as often as possible. Yes, I do this or that. The dream is still there. Just maybe, postponed for a few years.

Hugs, hope you are well. -L


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