Step Two for NA

This is what I do to work Step 2 in Narcotics Anonymous. Note, this is not the only method of recovery, or even working the 2nd step. Your mileage may vary.

You will need the article I wrote on Working Step One, as the proceedures do not change from that article. Also, the materials are the exact same.

Day 1: Basic Text: Read Pages 23-25. Follow the proceedure.

Day 2: It works, How and Why: Read PP 17-25. Note any correlations to the BT. Follow proceedure.

Day 3: SWG: PP 11-14 first paragraph, Follow Proceedure.

Day 4: SWG: 14-18.

Day 5: Break

Day 6-12: Okay, review your work. What’s missing. What do you need to add? What did you write that didn’t make sense. What correlations, what conclusions did you find or come to? Present your work to your sponsor and on day 14, be ready for Step 3.


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