Step One for NA

Narcotic Anonymous has multiple books on recovery from active addiction. There are multiple format available to use, and this is what I do to stay clean from all drugs.

You will need, the Basic Text Narcotics Anonymous, It Works, How and Why, and the Step Working Guide. You will also need a notebook and pen, possibly some highlighters, and time. I usually expect to spend about half an hour to an hour daily on step work while I am working the steps actively. Other things I use are sticky tabs, sticky notes, a ruler, and pencils. You may want an older dictionary, you can find them in used book stores.

First day: Read XV-xxvi in the Basic Text. Highlight meaningful passages, take notes, write down any questions I have. Note any parts that I identify with.

Day 2: Read 1-8 in the Basic Text. Follow the same proceedure.

Day 3: Read 9-12. Ditto

Day 4: 17-23 first paragraph. Ditto.

Day 5: It Works, How and Why read 1-16. Ditto. Note where the cross references are to the Basic Text. Mark both books with the cross references. You will need those more and more as you grow in recovery.

Day 6: Step Working Guide: Page vii to Page 3, first paragraph. Follow as in Day 5, and answer the questions. Note, you will be excessively pissed off during some of the questions. Answer the best you can.

Day 7: Step Working Guide: Page 3 to the top of page 6, continue noting the cross references and answering questions.

Day 8: Take a one day break, journal, and use your swear words carefully.

Day 9: Back in the saddle, Read Pages 6-8, answer questions, and note your cross references.

Days 10-16: Go back through the books, look at the questions you had in going through. Did the books answer your questions? Was there something you missed? Look over your answers. Did you leave anything out? What can you add to make your answers more complete.

Present your step work, notes, and go over the answers with your sponsor. (Not me.) Then, you should be ready for step 2.


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