Step 3 for NA

See the Step 1 and Step 2 posts before proceeding. The items needed and proceedures haven’t changed. Page numbers will be as found in the literature.

Day 1: Basic Text, PP 25-27. Follow proceedure. Note, by now you will also see correlations with previous steps and lines from earlier in the Basic Text, mark those as well.

Day 2: It Works, How and Why: 26-35.

Day 3: SWG: 19-23

Day 4: SWG: 24-28

Day 5: Break

Days 6-14: Go back over all of your work so far, including steps 1 and 2. Note correlations, re-read the books, add to them, and especially go through this with your Sponsor unit. On Day 15, take a break, and you should be ready to do Step 4 on Day 16.

Hugs, you got this.

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