Simple changes

Good morning dear friends. Today is supposed to be nasty and gloomy where I live, so I thought I’d combat that with some simple changes.

My beloved Husband is doing okay, he’s still on the mend, and I’m tickled pink by his recovery.

I started digging through the power cords yesterday. I found some of my favorite longer charging cables, and put them to good use. We sleep on two beds here, a full size bed for me, and a twin for my husband. They are put together with zip ties at the base, so they don’t split apart. Two sets of sheets make it comfy. On my side of the bed is a folding table, well a TV tray, and my charger for my tablet.

Yet at night, I have to have the snitch nearby. I prefer to charge it at night. So, I grabbed a charging cable for that, and another for my phone. This way, they are both on my side of the bed, and they work perfectly as a station for my devices.

Next, was setting up a small area rug on my side as well. This is so very nice. I like being able to wipe my feet before laying down. I also love having that small little rug under my feet when I first wake up. I’m going to grab one for the Hubsy when I head to the dollar general next time.

Other small changes. My beloved Husband needs a space for his chargers and etc… as well. I have another TV tray that fits on his side of the bed. As far as a charging station, I’ve got that set up. I want to make sure that he is comfortable. Then a small lamp to make sure he is comfortable there too.

Now for the fun stuff. I found my braiding hair extensions. They are gloriously pink and purple. I set up one of my thread spool racks with one of the packages of hair already to go. I love this. When I am ready to work on my hair, it’s ready to go! When I take them out, I add them back to the rack. Double win.

So, that’s where we are at. Hugs, my friend, huge ones. Hope your day is bright and cheery. -L


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