Young Master Duke is sleeping in my bed again, or a normal day

Morning all, we’re having a ‘normal’ day here in Minnesota so far. Duke has not only gone out to sing the song of his people, he’s brought in half the back yard’s worth of mud, again. At least he’s still adorgable.

Today, we’re working on just being. I’ve been lusting again. I really need to get over that. At least in this case, I’m looking at camping gear. Sighs. It’s too gorgeous out there to spend time in here. The squitos are going to wake up soon, and I’m going to have to feed all of them.

Today’s obsession is setting up a camping sink. We have a garden hose, and I’m looking at garden sinks, camping sinks, and all other manner of items.

Then there are fire pits that I’m lusting for. I REALLY want a fire pit. I don’t need one, but I REALLY REALLY WANT. Chuckle. There are the patio things, and the other things, and the nifty things, and the neato things. I’ve got it bad.

The damned Big Book just whacked me upside the head again.. That old ‘acceptance is the answer’ thing. Sighs. I’ll do without. For now.

Just one hammock stand? Or a … or a… I’d better just let it go.

Husband my Mister, is doing okay. He has the whiny mindset right now. He’s entitled to whine a bit. I’m just grateful he is here to whine.

I’d better get busy with the day. I want to get some thingamies done, and to play outside for awhile. Maybe it’s time for me to be dragging the mud into the house, and not just Young Master Duke!.

Hugs all, hope your day is good. -L


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