A good day and Holy Crap

Hello all, Hope you are well.

Yesterday I spent the early part of the day out cold. I didn’t make it to bed until about 3, and slept until 11. Even though I was tuckered, I just couldn’t sleep. It’s a ‘well, that sucks’ situation. However, I got busy. And, Holy Crap….

One of my friends stopped by. He and his bride are moving, and I’m inheriting a few things that they aren’t bringing along. I also got to do some restoration work on two afghans. That’s the Holy Crap part.

First, a center start corner to corner style afghan done in Tunisian crochet. It’s magnificent. What originally was going to be a re-weaving in of ends turned into heart break. The edging looks like it had been caught in a recliner. I don’t have the yarn in the stash to re-work the edging. I’m going to wait until I talk to the owner, and ask. I may have to re-work the edging, get replacement yarn, and do the whole thing. If she is willing to let me come close, I can patch in with similar yarn, but two rows of the edging were affected.

The next thing, a hole in the middle of an afghan. I came close with the yarn, and recreated the stitches that were affected. I wove in ends and hope that she is satisfied.

Okay, just got off the phone with the owner of the afghans. I was pretty scared. She understands that Red Heart has changed quite a bit over the years, so, I will proceed with the restoration work. This one is different in that I’m going to write down the pattern as I restore the afghan. I want to duplicate it in modern yarns if I can.

That said, I’ve got to head to the store, and pick up the closest yarn I can and some fray check. I want to run some tests on the original yarn, which I have fragments of, and the modern redheart. Then get back to work.

Please, take care my friends. Hugs from Minnesota. -L


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