Snuggle bear and marshmallows

Morning all, the first cup of coffee has been assimilated, and young Master Duke is laying back in bed after singing the song of his people. The squirrels have come out of hiding and are back to terrorize our boy. He wants to bark, they want to forage, it’s a give/take situation.

Yesterday, the Dexcom G6 woke me out of a dead sleep nap. My sugar was in the 60’s again, and I needed to eat. I keep a box or two of crackers at the desk for this, especially if I am too dizzy to make it to the ktichen.

I sent my Husband a text, warning him what was up, and he started scrounging. He brought me some marshmallows. Chuckle. They were leftovers from the fall. However, they worked. Young Master Duke loves marshmallows, as well. He of course had exactly 2 of them.

Once the marshmallows and crackers raised my sugar above 80, and I was no longer so dizzy that I couldn’t see, I was able to hit the restroom, and then grab some real food. I define real food as stuff that is either grown or harvested, or came from a live source.

Sadly, until my diabetes and I start getting along again, junk food is still a part of my diet. It’s what keeps me alive until I can get nutrition in me. Meanwhile, Young Master Duke, enjoys the marshmallows, which I always share with himself. We spent a few hours snuggling yeterday, because the pain levels were absolute crap.

Hugs my friends, please get a snuggle in today. Either with your favorite 2 legged, 4 legged, or stuffed animal. Heck, even a pillow is great for snuggle action. Take care, -L


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