Morning all, hope you are well.

This morning, I’m going to confess an obsession of mine. Sometimes it involves a pan on the stove, and sometimes, it involves a microwave, at all times, it involves stuffing myself silly. Of course, it is popcorn.

I have 3 methods of making popcorn. I was given a popcorn maker as a gift. It is a counter top machine and it makes the best popcorn ever. It has a hotplate and some sort of stirring wire involved. Yet, there are times I just don’t want to set it up.

I have a microwave popcorn popper. Basically, it’s a giant coffee carafe shaped thing. No metal, you add the kernals on the bottom, and the butter on the top. After she is done, you salt it and go. The sucker gets hot, and you can get burned just reaching for the goodness inside.

Lastly, is ye olde pan and stove method. It’s an old friend, and I love the results. The problem, is grease splatters everywhere, even with the lid involved.

At least 3 times per week, I indulge my obsession. I use garlic salt sometimes, or paprika. I also use different savory spices from the cupboard, and just see how it goes. I have no set recipes, but I do love it all. The only sad drawback? I can’t make caramel corn. I can’t make a sweet popcorn. I just have to use savory recipes.

Diabetes, you know. It just sucks.

So, now you know my dirty little obsession. Shh, please don’t tell anyone. Hope you have a good day, for some reason, I have to clean popcorn oil off the keyboard.

Hugs -L


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