Mini Update

Morning again all. Before I jump in the shower to get ready for the day, I wanted to let you know about my Husband.

He did good through the surgery, and was admitted yesterday for observation. The Dr and their team did an amazing job. I am grateful.

At some time today, I’m probably going to head over to pick him up. I’m just waiting for the phone call.

Thank You all. Hugs.


Pain day

Morning all, hope you are well.

Recently, I had the pain day from hell again. It wasn’t unexpected, it was just unpleasant. I spent most of it in bed. I ended up screaming at my Husband when he opened his mouth and his brain fell out.

I guess, being supportive of Him, I didn’t tell him that I can’t take pain meds anymore. Here’s the fun part. He didn’t notice. I get it. We are intensely focused on His medical, His needs, and what’s going on in His world. I slip through the cracks.

So, when the pain day hit, he wasn’t prepared. What Tylenol does, is it eases the pain from levels 7 and higher down to a 5. That day, I rocked a solid 8 and above. I spent most of it in bed, and holy crap, I screamed every time I had to roll over because the pressure on my hips was getting to be too much.

Normally, I can control the screams of pain.

It’s life. Sadly, now that the cat’s out of the bag, he is worried even more about me. He tried giving me tylenol, but I can’t take it. My new artificial allergy makes it impossible to use. The snitch goes apeshit when I take it. I told him this. He then suggested I put the snitch in the car.

Chuckle, no, that’s not how this shit works Husband.

Meanwhile, I am trying to get back to sleep, the snitch gave warning that my blood sugar was dropping again.

Joyful. At least, I wasn’t bored.

Hope you have a good one. This is a canned post, as we deal with the after surgery things, and the hopes of bringing my Husband home today. -L