From the vault

Morning all, am pre-writing this post for future use. Hugs.

So much to do.

Getting ready for camping season. My Husband perhaps isn’t interested in my getting out and about so much, but I am. So there. I know, a little bit of defiance….

I need to get my camping site ready to go. I want to set it up so that Duke and I can spend the evenings out there, or overnight. It’s a shaded area of our yard. It’s quiet, and has fencing along one side so that I’m not in full view of the public.

I want to get it raked, and some of the basics set up. There’s a drop cord to run, and electric/lighting to set up. I also want to have an awning to protect from the elements in the seating/cooking area. So, it’s almost time.

While we will most likely be getting snow, I can still get the tools and such organized and ready to roll. I can run a line or two for tarps. I can clear the debris from the autumn. I plan to run a line from the house to a tree for a tarp. This will protect me from the eyes of the neighbors.

We don’t have an HOA. We do have nosy neighbors. However, that’s their problem, not mine. I will take plenty of breaks, and with the weather going up into the 40’s and 50’s during the day, I think I can get this done.

I do have a spot ‘B’ planned. It’s completely in the back yard, and we have a clothes line already out there. I just need to make sure that it’s sturdy enough to hold a tarp from.

A power cord can be run from the back of the house, and I can set up there. The reason it is a plan ‘B’ instead of the main option? My beloved Husband. He doesn’t want to see the tent out back.

Chuckle. It’s okay. If I can get the tarps done, I can sit out and knit soon without being overexposed to the sun. That’s my main problem. I’ve already had skin cancer removed once, and just don’t want to have more problems than I need out there.

That’s about it. I know this is a canned post, and I’m sorry. I will post pics when the work is done.

One last thing. How does a mostly wheelchair bound woman do this without lots of help? Many many short burst of work, like in 5 minute bursts, then many many breaks.

Hugs my friends, hope you are well. Since this will go up the day my beloved has surgery, I’m sure that I will post updates when I can. -L