Hot tea, and a bath

Every afternoon, around 2 PM, I get a tea break in. I may sit down with a book, I might relax with a few videos, and I might even relax with a snuggle time with Duke.

However, on Saturday, I decided to try a bath, to loosen up the ligaments. Like many, I love a bath so hot you can cook in, but you know, I try to behave. Since I’ve gone back to the wheelchair, I’ve had a total of 4 baths. I usually take showers, but since the pain from Simvastatin has been reduced, I wanted to try.

I started the bath, and heated up my tea. By the time the tub, all nice and bubbly was full, my tea water was boiling. I grabbed my tablet, my tea, and decided to soak.

Oh My Goodness! It was so lovely! It’s like every knot and ache just eased for the first time in forever. I sat with a relaxing book, and just took my sweet time. I had ‘grannie wrinkles’ when I was done. I felt truly clean in the first time in forever.

Why haven’t I taken more baths? Our tub isn’t handicap accessible. The last time, it took 15 minutes of trying to escape the tub. This time? I was able to get out! The exercise has been helping.

Hope you have a lovely day. Please take care of you. Huge Huggage. -L