Old masks and new uses

Morning all, have spent the last hour or so coming up with things to do with parts of disposeable masks.

In our household, we still use masks like they are made out of gold pressed latinum. We are both of course immune compromised, and don’t want to spread the colds and other germs that infect us.

That said, we end up with lots of used masks. I’ve been taking them apart, and using them in other ways. The strings. I rip them off of the mask, and tie them together. I use them as parts for glass covers. Since I use straws for all my cold drinks. Metal straws, of course… Having a cloth cover for them makes sense. It keeps the no see ums out of them in summer time. Yet, in winter, cigarette ash can fall into a drink as well.

I measure the top of the glass, and trace it onto 2 pieces of remnant fabric. I then give another 2 inches around the outside of the cover. I cut a slit in it, and turn the edges under for a good edge.

After that, I put in a couple of rows of stitching, trapping the mask straps between them, and I have a cup cover.

For the nose piece in most masks, it’s a metal thing, and I use those for making homemade masks. Those are for yard work, mostly. When I head out to work on something, the cold air gives me coughing fits. So, making a homemade mask helps with that. As for the paper cloth, I haven’t found a use for that yet.

Hope you are safe and well. Take care, hugs, -L


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