Morning report

Morning squishy hugs all. Young Master Duke has fulfilled the cuteness requirements, and has been snuggled so far this morning. My Husband is at the table, and again, he has made coffee for me! Woot woot!

I keep saying this, but it is a little things, always. This makes up for the tiny things I used to let drive me fruit bat crap crazy. For example: he is anal retentive. Everything has its place, and if it is not in its place, holy crap, he will put it away, even when I am actively using it. If it wasn’t in my hand, he’d put it away. Yes, my Husband is still breathing, he makes coffee for me.

The headache finally broke, and oh boy, I am grateful. I ended up turning my led sun lamp towards my plant, and away from shining on my directly. Between that, and the Ibuprofen, I am not quite right as rain, but I am alive.

I have a couple of new things I am enjoying. The first is a Bodum tea for one set. Holy crap, I’m enjoying afternoon tea!. Every day, at 2 pm, I head to the kitchen, boil water in my camping pot, and thrive on the tea from this clear glass tea set. It’s something I treasure. It’s as if, for that half hour to an hour, all my troubles are melting away.

The next thing, is a guilty pleasure item. It’s the tea itself. I ordered Earl Grey and Lady Grey tea. Yes, regular tea will do, but something special, my oh my….

Now for the camping pot. If it wasn’t on clearance, I wouldn’t have spent the money. It’s a 20 ounce, Stanley Camping pot. It came with 2 cups inside, which I don’t need. I snagged it on clearance at half price. With the long folding handle and lid, I can boil water and make the tea, or coffee. I can use it for those dehydrated meals. I can make about anything with it. (Note, I don’t buy dehydrated meals, other than Ramen. I have for many years, learned the art of doctoring up Ramen.)

Uh oh, I just looked over towards the bed, to check on Duke. Both fellas are sound asleep. I’m unsupervised. Tee Hee Hee…. I love them both, but leaving me unsupervised could be a mistake.

Hope you have a lovely day. -L


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