Crazy little thing called love

Morning all, it’s a lovely day here in Minnesota, and I’m still in a pretty good mood. Freddie Mercury is crooning in my ear, and I’m inspired.

My Husband is doing okay today. We still don’t know when his aneurysm surgery is going to be, and we are still in the holding pattern of “Hurry Up and Wait.” We’ve done this rodeo for years now. Young Master Duke is curled up with my pillows and blankets. I’ve interrupted his beauty rest to give him his morning pain meds, and he’s doing fine as well.

When my Husband and I got together, he looked like Tom Selleck circa the Ferrari years. Tight body, cute mustache, and a glint in his eye. Today, he looks more like Billy Gibbons than Tom Selleck. I was the one to convince him to have a beard. I love beards. Then again, Tom Selleck… We’ve both aged. I gained weight, and we’ve had our ups and downs.

He freaked over my religion, and over the years, I converted back to Catholicism. He converted to Cristadelphian. We still argue over religion, but hey, it could be worse eh?

Loving someone is sometimes hard work. There were years where we lived apart. There were years where we should have lived apart. We had to both grow the fuck up. Neither of us had choice families of origin, and unlearning the crap that happened then and there is hard.

We live in the house his parents built. I’m grateful, very grateful I never met my in-laws. I’ve been told that the windows I sit next to have been replaced many times by their fighting. My mother in law died not 5 feet behind where I sit now. I fixed her cranky butt though, she doesn’t haunt me. My Mom’s ashes are sitting suspiciously close to where she died. I figure let the dead duke it out.

As my Husband and I have aged, our bodies made it impossible to do anything but snore next to each other. That’s okay. I think I would have a stroke if we tried.

However, we do the best we can. We don’t always agree, and the whole recovery meme of Let it Go, has to become a mantra in our lives. It’s not fair to him if I bring up the crap of the past. It’s not fair to me if he freaks out over my rosary. Heck, I got rid of the alter and besom, ya know.

Being an adult in a marriage also means that I’ve got his back. When he was so uncomfortable about going to a family function, I stayed with him. We are together, and he is my Husband. I can torment my family over the phone. It’s the way it is.

Meanwhile, I suppose I better get busy with the day. I’m still drawing and stitching and the like. I need to get that instagram updated. No rest for the wicked today. Have a good one, take care, -L