He made me coffee, a day in the life

Morning all, have been trying to write for awhile this morning, but the keyboard went to pot. So, here we are.

This morning, I’m settled in at the desk. ELO’s Don’t Bring Me Down is blasting in my ears. I let my Husband know that I’m going to be working for a couple of hours, and I have time to relax with the laptop and my coffee.

The COFFEE…. When I wake up, usually, the first stop is to let Duke out, and then to the necessary. I get my cleanup and prep for day done, and maybe read a couple of reddit posts. This morning, while I was occupied, my Shuggie Lump made me coffee and tea! Oh my heart. It’s the little things, you know. He’s in a crap ton of pain, and made coffee for me. Such a sweetie.

Yesterday, we had to make some orders for the household, and for my Husband specifically. He’s gone up a size since the last time we ordered clothes. He wears only cotton fabrics, and is particular in fit and cut. I get it. For me, if there are no pockets, I will have a come a part. His needs, with his medical, are important. So, here’s what happened.

The short list. Fruit of the loom boxer briefs in the next size up. Men’s same brand pocket T’s, and leather slippers, size 11. He also needed a mineral supplement, a chain saw sharpener, and a round wire brush. Oh, and dremel bits, can’t forget those. This list took an hour for him to complete while I was filling the clothing portion of the order.

I started at Walmart. We’ve shopped there for decades, and he used to work for the company. So, I opened the app, hoping that I could just add them to the grocery order. No dice. I really think that they are switching over to mostly warehouse stock for the app in an attempt to sell those stupid plus memberships. The didn’t carry the shirts he wanted, and I would have to get them at a higher price through a 3rd party vendor.

So, to Amazon it was. I have a Prime account, if only to watch the shows available. So, I started deep diving. We started with the leather slippers. I found the right ones! He wanted the twins to my pair in his size. I’m a men’s size 12, he is a men’s 11. Score! When we married, I was a ladies size 11, my feet have grown. sighs.

Then I found the T’s, and the boxer briefs he wanted. All cotton, and in multi-packs so that he has options. I didn’t get him tie-died boxers, I would have loved to, but well, that much excitement would probably give me a heart attack.

I then found his supplement, at a lower price than Walmart, with a coupon. I ordered 4 instead of the 2 he asked for. Coupon savings are a law around here. He then asked for the rest of the items on his list.

Crap. A round wire hand-held brush was the pickle that was the hardest to find. I’m still shaking my head on that one. Used to get them at the dollar stores, but not anymore. Thankfully, Libman’s got a solution to that problem. I also added a toothbrush looking device, in case the Libman product won’t work the same as he is expecting. The dremel bits were easy. The chain saw sharpener sent me bug-eyed. I’ve never used one, had no clue that they come in a variety of sizes etc…

It’s kind of like asking him to hand me a pair of size 8 knitting needles, but not telling him that they are size 8’s. Hilarity would ensue.

However, the list was compiled, and I also grabbed some tea while I was there. I’ve had Earl Grey tea, and my stock is almost out. Shudder. When I added the Earl to my search, Lady Grey showed up. I’m intrigued. So, what the heck. The Earl and his Lady are on the way. Then I went to my debit card, and ordered a microwave popcorn popper. I’m getting sick and tired of the mess that making popcorn in a pan is making.

Now for the grocery order. For this, I had to go back to Walmart’s app. I threw in the usual suspects, and cleaned up the items I’d put on the Amazon order. I’ll send it in after I’m done writing for the morning. I have to pick up some prescriptions, and also Duke’s city license. I get to go to the cop shop today. Chuckle.

That’s about all, I hope ye all have a lovely day. Snuggle hugs everyone.

P.S. I’m working on the background of the blog. I’m rearranging the furniture, and putting up new storage. I’m hoping this year that I can go back to having my own domain, and I want this to be ready to go. Take care again. -L


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