Pre-coffee, so this isn’t going to be something miraculouse or dramatic. 80’s music, sorry Nissyn, is keeping me entertained, and behaving.

Decided to start with Wham’s Wake me up before you Go-Go. It’s up beat. It devolved from there. I actually danced at the sink this morning for a second. Maybe, that’s why I am starting the morning without the Mannah of Life. Not sure. I will survive.

My Shuggie Lump let Duke out, and Mr Fuzzy Butt has drug all of the mud in. He gets a CBD oil dose in the morning after I get up. I keep it at the desk. I use the little Alpo Snap Treats and put a drop of oil on them. I swear, he is so much happier now. I don’t blame him.

He’s an older dog, and sometimes just doesn’t eat because he hurts. I understand.

Yesterday, I got some sticker shock, and said, “No.” Most of my Dr’s understand about the whole Medicare is an evil rat bugger thing. I’m scheduled for a Colonoscopy coming up. The Dr wants me to take one med for 24 doses that costs 185 dollars after my insurance pays part of it.

Let’s do the Math. My Husband and I take home barely enough to cover household expenses and groceries. We don’t go out. We don’t have a brand new car. We have the basic streaming services, and our internet is from our cellular provider. We don’t have cable. We don’t have memberships anywhere. 185 is quite a chunk for 24 doses.

I’d even asked if taking an OTC version was okay, and was told… “No, he wants you to take this version.”

When I received the text notification that the e-script was ready, I had a fit. I didn’t outwardly act like I was having a fit. I didn’t go all Karen on the situation. What I did do was wait until I had calmed the heck down. Then I called the Pharmacy and asked some questions. Thankfully my favorite tech answered. (I really respect brains, she uses them.)

I asked a considered WTH… We were chuckling, because I presented light and with humor. I mentioned that um, from the wheelchair with funky dyed hair, robbing a bank would be a bit difficult. I asked if whe could reshelf that prodcut. She was cool with it, and we moved on with our day.

I wrote an email to the Dr’s office in Question, and said. “No dawg, not dropping 1/5th of my personal disability check on a med. Let’s try again.”

For some reason, I like to eat. Or have lights and heat. I dunno. And I’m not giving up Duke’s Alpo treats for a med. I am not a savage!

Until the world is fixed, and I have no clue when that will be, that’s way above my pay grade, I’ll stick with my tiny keyboard and simple life. Hope all is well with you. God Bless You.